Is a DIY wedding right for you?

DIY weddings have become a popular trend now a days and I’m sure you’ve also been thinking of being crafty because of all the posts that you’ve seen on several blogs and Pinterest. Others might have been inspired by beautifully executed DIY weddings of their friends or relatives. But is a DIY wedding for you?

Is a DIY wedding right for you?I’m sure you’ve visited numerous blogs and have seen many pictures of DIY weddings and a lot of them looked very stunning. Being creative and crafty can help in relieving some of the stress that you might experience while planning other aspects of your wedding. If you enjoy creating handicrafts then expressing this talent of yours during your wedding is a perfect opportunity. You can also ask help from your relatives and friends who are also crafty and you can make a fun evening out of this. But if you’re not very creative and into crafts then taking on a DIY project as big as a wedding might become more stressful for you.

Having seen many beautiful DIY weddings will definitely inspire you to do the same but keep in mind that once a date has been set, the time starts ticking. DIY projects consume a lot of time with the preparation up to the actual wedding day. But if you really want to commit to this idea then I’m sure that with the right planning and the right team working with you then nothing is impossible!

Saving money is one of the main reasons why DIY weddings are often done. This really depends on what exactly you want to do. Take the time to compare the costs of your DIY project as to when you buy the items (or getting someone to do it for you) to get the best deals.

Always remember that DIY takes a lot of time and sometimes takes some trial and error. I suggest that you go for simple DIY projects instead of complicated ones which will probably be more costly and stressful in the end. Chicago Newborn Photographer can provide you good tips and decorating ideas and Des Moines Wedding Photographers is a great choice for capturing the most memorable moments in your wedding!

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What you Need to Know Before you start Planning your Wedding

Planning your wedding is both fun and stressful. Fun, because you’ll get to meet a lot of interesting people, discover interesting choices, and have the satisfaction of seeing your efforts pay off during the wedding day itself. Stressful, because planning a wedding entails too many bookings, appointments, and tastings on top of the deadlines that you have to meet at work and other obligations.

What you Need to Know Before you start Planning your Wedding

So before you plunge head first to the exciting task that is planning your wedding, here are some things that you need to know first:

Location of the Wedding

The location of your wedding will greatly influence many aspects of your planning. Before you start planning, you need to make a decision first, are you going to have a destination wedding or a home wedding? Of course, a destination wedding is more challenging to pull off, because you need to take care of additional things such as accommodations, transportation, and the likes. On the other hand, if you choose to have a home wedding, then you will also need to come up with a good plan for decorating the place as well finding good caterers for your event.

How much are you willing to spend?

Those who have been in the events industry, including Denver wedding photographers, will tell you that the budget will dictate every other thing when it comes to your wedding. Your budget will serve as your guideline in making decisions such as flowers, cake, your wardrobe, and the place where you’re going to have your reception. You also need to streamline your budget to make sure that there will be no unexpected expenses that you might not be prepared for.

Should you get a wedding planner or not?

Some couples opt to get professional help, some do not. Before you start planning your wedding, it is important to make up your mind first if you are going to get the services of a wedding planner. A wedding planner will take care of everything and will give you enough time to prepare yourself for your big day. However, hiring a wedding planner might be a bit costly but there are many professionals whose rate might be within your budget.

There are many things to consider before planning your wedding but these three points are the most important. Remember that the success of your wedding lies on how well-planned it is, so be sure to put your 100% effort in it. Also, do not forget to include photography services in to your to-do list. If you’re around the Orange County area, you might consider hiring an Orange County wedding photographer or visit for social media services you might need.

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Rustic Winter Wedding Ideas

A rustic winter wonderland wedding is great for couples who enjoy nature and the great outdoors.


The bride’s dress will remind you of a thick blanket of beautiful white snow which can be accented by different colors like bronze, silver or gold. Others may like soft pastel colors instead like light pink, blue, or pastel green for a cool minty feel. Since it is winter time, some may choose to go with a red accent which instantly draws attention to the vibrant color against the white and nature tones.

Nature can play a huge part in the decoration for this type of wedding. From pinecones and evergreens to wood handicrafts and cute candle holders made out of twigs, these are just some of the great decorating ideas that would give the feel of a more rustic ambiance. Recycled materials can also be used like emptied out wine bottles or clear glass jars. These are great for a centerpiece because it can hold a small bouquet of flowers.

The wedding cake can also be decorated with this kind of accents. Pure white cakes with fancy hand drawn lace and snowflakes might be given a touch of gold or red to add something extraordinary.

It might be a great idea to serve some hot chocolate to your guests to warm them up during this cold season. Why not create a hot chocolate bar with a variety of toppings like marshmallows and whipped cream?

With the cold winter winds, expert photographers are needed for a special occasion like this. If you want a perfectly captured winter wedding wonderland the Toronto Wedding Photographers and Emerald Isle Photographer are perfect. Both are based in places with a crazy cold winter season so you don’t need to worry because your photos will definitely be amazing!

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